Crop Tops

If you already saw some of my outfit posts you can see that I am a crop top addicted! Today I separated some of my favorites crop tops from my favorite stores to share with you!








Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top

Contemporary Striped Crop Top


See you next post!



Get the look: Gigi Hadid

Gigi was basic this Thursday in New York.


Hi everyone!

Today’s look is inspired on Gigi Hadid, I searched similar clothes to compose this outfit.

Crop top:

$14.04 here

img_5487.jpg$17.99  here

$16.99 here

If you don’t like the camouflage stamp you can use these:

$10.99  here

$12.89 here

$13.97  here


$15.99 here

$10 here


$98 here

$15.90 here

Outfit #6 – Suede Skirt 

Hi everyone! For today’s outfit I have a suede skirt, I love it! 

I tried to choose more affordable clothes for this outfit! Let me know if you like it! 

Crop top: $8 (here)

Skirt: $14.90 (here)

Sandals: $50 (here)

Bag: $27.99 (here)

Hat: $76 (here)

Glasses: $81 (here)

I hope you liked! If you do, please leave a comment! Let’s talk! 


Makeup Inspiration: Colorful Makeup

Hello! Today’s post is a great inspo for this summer, the colorful makeup! It’s the perfect for time of the year bright and colorful eyeshadows!


Purple Smokey




Black, Red and Yellow





Orange, Pink and Purple





Soft Smokey + Purple

Do you like colorful eyes? Which color is your fave? Let us know!