Brown Smokey Eyes

Hi everyone! Today I’m talking about my go to look. The brown smokey eye. 

For this look I used the Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Step 1: as a transition shade blend Raw Sienna on the crease. 

Step 2: blend Antique Bronze under the last shade. 

Step 3: apply Red Ochre all over the lid (on the occasion I applied a little from the shade love letter, I wanted it a little more pink) 

Step 4: apply the dark brown shade Cyprus Umber over the lid and blend it on the crease to create a transition.

Step 5: apply love letter on the lower lash line.

Apply false lashes or just masquera. I made a small line upper my lashes just to cover the lash glue. 

On my lips I used Colourpop in Tulle:


5 Beauty Snapchat Accounts to Follow

Hi everyone! I am here to show you some of my favorites beauty Snapchat accounts! I learn a lot watching those snaps. So I’m going to share with you! 


This one is my favorite! They share everyday beauty posts, makeup tutorials and fitness tips. 

Tarte Cosmetics 

Tarte Cosmetics share some nice makeup tutorials everyday. 


Sephora don’t share daily snaps, but usually they do some nice tips every week. 


She’s a makeup artist and she creates gorgeous looks! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics 

Some times they share some makeup tips and new products, this is also Anastasia’s personal account. 

Don’t forget to follow me too! 

anacarolinabors ❤

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