Outfit #13

Hi everyone!

Today’s outfit is cute and elegant, a rose midi skirt + golden shoes!








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Olivia Burton
Enchanted Garden Stainless Steel Leather-Strap Watch – 


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Aliexpress Shoes Review #1

Shoes on websites like AliExpress and LightInTheBox are very, very affordable, but are they good? Today I am going to show and review some of the high heels I ordered on these websites. And I am going to link all the products in the case you wanna order them too.
For the review I am going to analyze: price, material, quality and characteristics. I am going to make two posts about the shoes, on this first I am going to talk about three of them.

So lets get started!

Red and Blue

I ordered two different colors of the same shoes, red and blue, they very basic pumps, goes good with almost everything, when you wanna give a color to your outfit!



Price: The price is very affordable, you can get these shoes for just $9.51 – $10.61, but you sacrifice a little of the quality when you buy shoes on this price!

Material: It looks good! I can’t say that it’s amazing, but it’s very good for this price. I personally thought that these shoes would have a terrible material, but no, they’re good for the price!

Quality: The quality is okay, like I said before it’s good for the price, on the blue one you can see a little glue on the down part, but nothing apparent. I use these shoes almost never, and when I use it’s just for some hours, so it’s okay if they’re not perfect!

Characteristics: It smells! Yes, it smells when it’s new, smells like shoes glue. But it disappear after some days. If you order them, take a number bigger, they’re tight.

So, what’s my final thoughts? I would give 7/10. They’re enough and good for this little price.



Nude “D”


Price: It coasts a little more than the last one, $13.80 and it’s again a good price.

Material: The material is very good, these some dollars makes the difference, the material is higher quality, comparing with the other.

Quality: No glue marks, the sole is red and made of a good material, the finish is amazing, so you get a very good pair of shoes for this price.

Characteristics: It smells too, but not bad like the other. There is a “D” on the back and I don’t know why. You can choose the colors: black, blue, green, pink, nude and red.

It worths 9/10


I hope you liked this review, if you wanna see more reviews of clothes and shoes, please, let me know!




ootd #1 

Hi everyone! This is the first time I share my outfit with you! 

Today I’m a wearing a set, crop top + skirt and open boots! I’m going to link the products down below, and the best thins is that they’re very affordable! 😀

Let me know if you would like to see my outfits more often here! I hope you like it!


 You can get it for just $ 7.99 HERE 

The open boot I wear is sold out but you can get a similar one: 


You can get the boots $18.74 HERE

I hope you liked today’s outfit! 

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2018 Fashion Trends

Hi everyone!

Today I am talking about the biggest 2018’s trends according Elle, so if you wanna know now what everyone will be in love next year keep reading!

Extra Wide Denim


Vintage-Inspired Airline Bags


Sporty Socks


Plaid Suits


Grecian Vibes


Statement Waist Belts


What do you think about these new fashion trends? Let us know!

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Credits: elle.com

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