ROMWE Embroidery Jacket

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Happy Thursday loves!

Today I am sharing with you another outfit, for this one I used a  ROMWE Embroidery Jacket, which I am in love with, it’s kinda out of my comfort zone but I love the way it look like.

The Jacket


It’s a colorful embroidery three quarters sleeve jacket, the quality is very very good, the size is perfect and it fits perfectly on me.

This is one of those jackets that gives a special touch to a simple outfit.



Do I like it? I absolutely love it!!

You can get yours HERE, just for $14.39

Let me know what you think about this outfit!

See you next post!



4 thoughts on “ROMWE Embroidery Jacket

  1. That jacket is really pretty 🙂 Just wondering, have you placed many orders through Romwe? Ice wanted to order from that website but have heard mixed reviews about the quality of their items. xoxo

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    1. Hi! Well, I am happy with the quality of their products, I think the quality is amazing for the price, I read some bad reviews too, but you can’t expect a high end product paying so cheap, you get good products for the price you pay. I really like Romwe and SheIn too. I am surprised with the quality! And if you don’t like it I believe you can send it back easily!


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