The color wheel: matching the eyeshadow with eye color 


Do you wanna know how to match the eyeshadow with your eye color? Check out this post!!


(Leia em português aqui)

Let’s talk about the color wheel again!

On the first post we learned how to choose the colored concealer depending on your needs. (Read here)

Today we will learn how to match the eyeshadow to your eye color (and not to your clothes).

Let’s take a look to the color wheel again:

Concentrate yourself on the color that represents your eye color. ( brown is between red and orange).

The colors that match with your eye color are the colors around it and opposite it.

For example, if you have blue eyes, you can use violet, blue green, orange, yellow and purple tones.

If you have green eyes, you can use yellow green, blue green, red, red violet and dark purple tones.

For amber eyes use yellow green, orange, violet and blue violet.

And what should I use if I have brown eyes?…

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